External communication has helped give HiCSA an image, a presence and visibility on the internet, in periodicals and professional networks that guarantee the exposure of our research findings and contribute to the centre’s name recognition and attractiveness both nationally and internationally. Our digital strategies are supported and enlarged by a policy of producing print documentation: with our close interest in the aesthetic aspect of printed ephemera we have established a graphic charter that covers our on-line publications, brochures for scholarly events (numerous conference and study day programmes, posters) and, not least, the HiCSA events calendar, a standard-bearer of our identity.

Conference proceedings are now uploaded to the HiCSA website. PhD students not only have access to our on-line publications but can also publish an article on the site if it meets our standards.

Regards croisés is a French-German bilingual digital journal supported by Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Kunstakademie Münster, HiCSA, Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte (DFK Paris), UNISTRA and the Hartung- Bergman Foundation, and published on the HiCSA website. It is produced by art historians and philosophers seeking to remedy public ignorance of current research in art history and aesthetics in the French- and German-speaking worlds, an ignorance due largely to the lack of translation. Where most art history journals can only support French-German exchanges on an occasional basis, our young periodical offers the opportunity to more systematically encourage discussion of recent publications in the two languages. With a thematic feature section and book and exhibition reviews, it aims not only to achieve greater visibility for major works in the neighbouring country but also to provide original and critical views of those works from French and German researchers, seen thus from both sides— “regards croisés”.